Home Improvements – The Never Ending Story!

By lochaerie | February 17, 2017

This winter we’ve focused on Cabins Ellinor and Olympus for some major structural work and upgrading. Each are getting new posts and beams. In addition, Cabin Ellinor is also getting a new furnace, a new hearth, and additional outlets. As the person that supposedly gets the cabins ready for check ins, I was a bit […]

Fall In the Rain Forest

By lochaerie | September 20, 2016

What a great summer we’ve had this year – but now it feels like fall has arrived! We’ve had 5.22 inches of rain since the beginning of September with most of that falling within the last week and a half. Leaves are starting to color up and fall, the apples are ripe to the delight […]

R.I.P. Largest Western Red Cedar

By lochaerie | July 19, 2016

For generations, folks have been hiking up to see the North Shore Western Red Cedar which has been one of the world record trees (63.5 ft circumference, 19.5ft diameter, 174ft tall) in the Quinault Valley.  Well, sadly, a couple of weeks ago during a wind and rain storm, it split and fell. It will be […]

Fun With Friends

By lochaerie | June 27, 2016

This last weekend was the annual Lake Quinault Cancer Fund Bike Ride around the lake.  This is the 27th year that this event has been taking place. Tom and I have been participating in this ride since 2005.  This year we had one friend that biked to the first refreshment stand (obviously, the most important […]

Col. Bob – Almost the Top of the World! June 2016

By lochaerie | June 10, 2016

Climbing to the top of Col. Bob is a challenging enough hike that you want a day where you can take advantage of the tremendous views once you get there! Last Tuesday was one of those days. We had heard from a couple of our guests that enough of the snow had melted so that […]

Home Improvements – February 2016

By lochaerie | February 25, 2016

There’s been lots of activity here at Lochaerie these last few months. We have a couple of great guys from the Harbor that have been working diligently on jacking up Cabins Angeles and Storm King and re-shaking the exterior waterside walls. All the rain we’ve had in January and February hasn’t made their job easy! […]

2015 Cabin Journal Reflections

By lochaerie | January 21, 2016

We love to read what our guests write in the cabin journals as they share life events and their experiences here at Lochaerie and as they explore the Olympic Peninsula. Here are just a few of the journal entries folks have written this last year. Angeles:   July 27 – We came here for our […]

November 2015 – What A Month!

By lochaerie | December 7, 2015

In the first half of November we had almost 23 inches of rain here at Lochaerie. There was so much water flowing through the creeks and streams that there were many washouts up and down the North Shore Road and around the Visitor’s Center as well as many trees that fell across power lines and […]

Fun With Boats

By lochaerie | August 21, 2014

Here are a few pictures of folks enjoying  boats on  Lake Quinault.

Summertime 2014

By lochaerie | July 22, 2014

Just a few pictures of Lochaerie and the grounds in the middle of July. We’ve had a warmer and drier summer than usual, so there’s been plenty of  time to be outside and just appreciate the beauty of the Quinault area.