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Cabin Journal

Posted on: May 29th, 2011 by lochaerie

From Cabin Ellinor’s Journal – We began our journey from Durhan, OR on Wednesday 18th and traveled up and around the Olympic Peninsula seeing everything we could while camping. Port Townsend, Hurricane Ridge, Sul doc Falls, Rialto Beach, Forks (Twilight Land here), Hoh Forest, etc. it was amazing.

Then we landed here at Ellinor and our trip only got better (and not just because we had showers and a bed to stay in). This cabin has it all! A view, a porch to soak the sun up on, cozy warm atmosphere, so perfect for my husband and I. Exactly what we wanted!

Then we explored. We checked out the North and South side, ate some good food. The Best part had to be when we went hiking. We saw several deer (even on the trail they didn’t run from us, we got to walk right by them. Then we also saw two different Elk herds and we were so lucky to have had three black bear sightings in the fields! Talk about awesome!

So now it’s Sunday and we’re heading home after a fabulous trip.

Thank you Ellinor for adding to our grand memories we will be sure to visit again.