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Cabin Journals

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by lochaerie


From Cabin Ellinor’s  Journal – Happy New Year

Ellinor you are such a cute dear

So relaxing reading by the fire with a beer.

I fear myself and beautiful girlfriend fall in love

with Ellinor, we are sincere

We did adore you

Ellinor the cottage with the great view.

From Cabin Christie’s Journal – I rang in the new year in the most beautiful place imaginable. I had solitude to end 2011 and enjoyed it with hikes, bike riding, relaxing, and writing.  My family joined me for New Years and we made a joyful day of it with the loop drive around the lake and great Italian food for dinner.  Thanks to the builder of this cabin on the rock because he has brought joy to many!

New Year’s Day 2012

Posted on: January 2nd, 2012 by lochaerie

We decided to start a new tradition for the first day of the new year. That tradition is to walk our north ocean beaches no matter what the weather might be. Who would guess that the first day of 2012 on the Kalaloch beaches would be almost clear and dry with a warm gentle breeze? We started at Beach 4 and walked south past Beach 3 until we couldn’t go any farther because of the incoming tide and headlands. Beachcombing on a winter beach turns up all sorts of  treasures.