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Travel Log – Victoria, Canada

Posted on: April 14th, 2012 by lochaerie

A couple of weeks ago we decided to spend a few days in Victoria. We had decided that we’d like to take the Black Ball ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. This was a very pleasant 90 minute crossing that put us right in the Victoria Harbor.  Ah, Victoria! Books at Munro’s , teas at Murchie’s, and chocolates at Roger’s. What could be better? Oh yes, Canadian beer at various pubs. We spent a good part of one day at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Two excellent exhibits that we enjoyed were the First People’s Gallery and the Natural History Gallery. The Emily Carr Museum is only open seasonally, much to our disappointment. We once again ate at the Reef restaurant and the Superior restaurant. They’ve become two of our favorites. We also enjoy having an special evening drink at the Bengal Room in the Empress Hotel. While waiting for the ferry in Port Angeles, we discovered a restaurant that we very much enjoyed, called the Kokopelli Grill on East Front Street.