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Spring Home Improvements

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by lochaerie

Cabin Christie has a new lakeside steel roof! No more surprise drips over the daybed! The roof color even matches the trim color!

We’ve been continuing our battles with English ivy, English laurel, holly, Scotch broom, and salmonberry. We are making progress. We leveled the lawn over the old pond, fertilized, and now the moles have moved in and are seriously undermining our work. We finally got the old greenhouse up and are hoping for a longer tomato, lettuce, and basil season. The hundreds of Narcissus bulbs we planted last autumn were gorgeous.

In the cabins we’ve begun putting in pillow top mattresses and replaced the old 1940’s metal bunk bed in Cabin Olympus with a brand new wooden bunk bed. We’ve been attempting to paint cabin exterior trim, but our paint won’t dry with all the rain and humidity! We’re painting the new cabin screen doors in the basement of the house so that the paint can dry more quickly.

Sure is nice to be living here permanently.  Not only is it beautiful here in the valley, and we so enjoy our guests, but also because we now have time to work on Lochaerie projects.