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Spring Home Improvements

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by lochaerie

In January and February we worked diligently on under grounding all the power to the cabins and removing the overhead wires, which really made such a big difference!  But then we stood back and thought “You know, if we did a little limbing to some of these trees, it would really open up the view to the lake.” So . . . we got this wonderful crew in from Aberdeen that spent three days cutting down the dead hemlock tree by the parking lot and working on the trees around Cabins Olympus, Storm King and Angeles.  Now the two upper cabins, Olympus and Ellinor have an amazing view of the lake through these trees. What’s fun for everyone is that now we can all see the eagles as they fly from their perch in the big spruce to the lake.

We’re out of time now for big outdoor projects because of cabin rentals until fall. So, we’ll pick up again later in the year and continue limbing between Cabins Olympus and Col. Bob.