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Annual Cancer Benefit Bike Ride

Posted on: July 7th, 2013 by lochaerie

Beginning with the year 2002, Tom and I have participated in the annual Cancer Fund Bike Ride around Lake Quinault. It’s a great opportunity to get together with our Seattle friends and to support the community. The total mileage around the lake is 31 miles. Along the North Shore, there are two “official” refreshment stops, supported by local residents – at the end of the asphalt and when you get to the bridge. We actually stop a lot more frequently to enjoy the views and to encourage folks up the steep hill. It’s become our tradition to stop on the lawn by the Rain Forest Resort Village on the South Shore and have lunch which is the 20 mile mark. Sometimes our friend Ray will bring along his glider plane to entertain us during lunch. We park a vehicle there so that after lunch, those who want to can load up their bikes and head back to Lochaerie. Those of us who continue the ride often will then stop at the Internet Cafe in Amanda Park for refreshments before the last 5 1/2 miles. Then later in the day it’s pot luck BBQ time! The 2013 ride was one of the best yet! The weather was excellent – clear and warm. Our friends Terry and Susan brought their restored Model T and drove around the lake with us as our sag wagon. The pot luck theme was Mexican with all the trimmings!