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A Climb Almost to the Top of Col. Bob

Posted on: August 10th, 2013 by lochaerie

Tom and I have been waiting for just the right sunny clear day to climb to the top of Col. Bob. Last Wednesday seemed like the perfect opportunity. Even though the valley has been covered by marine air in the mornings, the afternoons have been sunny and clear. We got an early start and drove over to the Pete’s Creek Trail Head with plenty of water, our lunches, and cameras. This trail is 8.5  miles round trip and most guide books refer to it as a 7 hour round trip hike with an elevation gain of 3500 feet. We were a little bit more than two hours into the hike when I was scrambling over a tree that had fallen across the trail and happened to look down at my boots.  The soles of both of my boots had completely pulled away from the shoe and were only hanging on by the front toe area! I guess I’d been so busy eating the delicious salmon berries along the way that I didn’t even notice! Those boots have been good friends that have taken me through a lot of different wilderness areas in past years. But now I’ve learned, besides the ten essentials for hiking, also check your boots before you go and bring duct tape! This story will be continued . . .

Tips for folks who would like to take this hike: 1. Get an early start, it takes about an hour to get to the trail head from Lochaerie. 2. It is fee based parking. You need either a NW Forest pass or a National Parks pass. 3. This trail is steadily steep and sometimes very rocky. Consider this a vigorous full day hike, not a casual day hike.