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Winter Reflections

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by lochaerie


With the arrival of spring, it seems like a good time to remember back to some of the things that have happened at Lochaerie over the last few months.  Weather wise, it’s been a relatively mild and dry winter. We did get a couple of hard freezes that lasted for a few days, but almost no snow at all! We had Ken and his ground crew back to continue the job of thinning the trees that they started  last spring. Their work  has opened up the view to the mouth of the river and Col. Bob Wilderness area and gives Cabin Olympus a very nice broad view now of the lake from the back porch. Tom decided it was time for Cabin Olympus to have a new sewer line. Like so many of Tom’s upgrade projects, this one will go unnoticed, for the most part. What you will notice are the new porches Tom’s put on both Cabin Olympus and Cabin Ellinor. Next – Cabin Storm King’s porch gets a big upgrade! Walt and Skyler are now 10 months old and starting to look more like adult cats, but they still play just like kittens! They love to race down to the beach with us and climb up and down every tree along the way!

Beach Hike and Clam Digging

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014 by lochaerie

We’ve been trying to take advantage of some of the low tides we’ve had the last couple of weeks. Last week we parked at Kalaloch campground and headed north on the beach. The tide was low enough for us to get around a headland to an area of the beach we often can’t get to. The huge tilted rocks and the designs created in the sedimentary stone were really amazing!

This last weekend the beaches were open for razor clam digging AND it was a minus tide. We drove to Roosevelt Beach and then turned south. There were quite a few people there, but the weather was perfect and we all were able to dig our limit. What fun! We used clam tubes that Tom’s Uncle Alf made many years ago when he worked at the Bremerton shipyards. They worked great and were certainly the most colorful! The fun job is digging the clams, the not so fun job is cleaning them!