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Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Posted on: April 30th, 2014 by lochaerie

Tom and I have traveled¬† back and forth between Lochaerie and Seattle frequently for many years. We’ve always driven by the Nisqually Basin and invariably have said “We need to go there!”, but have never taken the time. Yesterday, we decided to make a special trip and spend the day. What an amazing place this is! The work that has been done to restore this delta is very impressive. The Visitor’s Center and the boardwalks and trails are excellently maintained and allow many opportunities to observe the wildlife and the their habitat in close proximity. This is a good halfway point between Lochaerie and Seattle for travelers to stop and take a break in a beautiful and fascinating setting.

We’re hoping there are some naturalists and birders reading this that can help us identify the pollywog in the one picture ( it was about 4 inches long) as well as the two little birds that we saw.

Fletcher Canyon Trail

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by lochaerie

The Fletcher Canyon Trial is a great trail if you’re looking for a really good workout in a beautiful area! Even though it’s only two miles to where the trail stops, there are spots that are very steep. Much of the trail is in the Col. Bob Wilderness area so the trail can only be maintained with handsaws. Thus, there are a few trees across the trail that you have to scramble either over or under. But, the canyon is so beautiful that you have excuses to stop and catch your breath while looking at the view.