Lochaerie Resort

Home Improvements – February 2016

Posted on: February 25th, 2016 by lochaerie

There’s been lots of activity here at Lochaerie these last few months. We have a couple of great guys from the Harbor that have been working diligently on jacking up Cabins Angeles and Storm King and re-shaking the exterior waterside walls. All the rain we’ve had in January and February hasn’t made their job easy! While they’ve been working on the exteriors, Tom and Richard have been working industriously on cabin interiors. Tom redid the interior of Storm King, wiring for more outlets and insulating the walls. He also has been putting in wall heaters in the bathrooms of cabins and replaced the hot water tank in the bedroom of Olympus with a new on demand water heater. Richard meanwhile has basically been painting everything in site! During all of these projects Little Walter has been dedicated to supervising at the highest level both inside and out! Cabin Christie is next on the list! To be continued . . .