November 2015 – What A Month!

In the first half of November we had almost 23 inches of rain here at Lochaerie. There was so much water flowing through the creeks and streams that there were many washouts up and down the North Shore Road and around the Visitor’s Center as well as many trees that fell across power lines and the road. Even though we’ve seen it before, it’s always amazing to see how high the lake can get in a short time and to see the debris that is floating on it. And then, just like that, it was over and the second half of the month was crispy cold in the morning, and sunny and clear in the afternoons. You don’t think of stargazing being much of an activity here in the rain forest, but with so little moisture in the air and the clear nights, the stars and planets were gorgeous! We also got a beautiful full moon during this time to top off the month.

Now it’s December and we’ve already had 8 inches of rain, numerous power outages, and yet another heavy rain and wind storm predicted for tomorrow! I wonder what the second half of December will be like.