Winter Home Improvements

We decided to take advantage of the quieter time in January to underground and upgrade all the electrical service to the cabins. This turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated! Fortunately, we had three great high school guys that worked industriously helping us dig the ditches. When we’re finished, there won’t be any overhead wires between the cabins and the big pole beside the corner of Cabin Olympus will become guard rails in the parking lot.

Of course, one thing always leads to another, so why not spend some time doing a bit of interior repainting as well? Another project that started out small . . . ! We began with Olympus’ kitchen with the intention of only painting the cupboards and ended up repainting the entire kitchen and the floor. Next we moved on to Cabin Christie where we completely repainted the cabin floor and did touch up trim painting. Well, nothing like fresh paint to cause a person to notice two really tired refrigerators, so now both cabins have new ones. Cabin Christie’s refrigerator was such a classic from the 50s, it was really hard to give it away. But the consolation is that it’s going to have a new life as a smoker!

Now we’re working away on Cabin Ellinor repainting the kitchen, putting in a larger on demand hot water heater and hopefully getting the floor painted.