Cabin Journal

By lochaerie | August 15, 2011

From Cabin Ellinor’s Journal – Two nights are way too few to spend at a beautiful place like this! Kayaking on the lake in the sunshine, hiking in the forest and seeing elk close up! And still we feel like we have so much more to discover! We will keep Ellinor, Lake Quinault and Olympic […]

Cabin Journal

By lochaerie | May 29, 2011

From Cabin Ellinor’s Journal – We began our journey from Durhan, OR on Wednesday 18th and traveled up and around the Olympic Peninsula seeing everything we could while camping. Port Townsend, Hurricane Ridge, Sul doc Falls, Rialto Beach, Forks (Twilight Land here), Hoh Forest, etc. it was amazing. Then we landed here at Ellinor and […]

Cabin Journal

By lochaerie | November 29, 2010

FromĀ  Cabin Storm King’s Journal – This is our first visit to the Quinault Rainforest and it has been an amazing trip so far. On our journey around the lake we saw an abundance of wildlife including a herd of magnificent elk. This place is a photographer’s paradise! We went down by the lake the […]