2015 Cabin Journal Reflections

We love to read what our guests write in the cabin journals as they share life events and their experiences here at Lochaerie and as they explore the Olympic Peninsula. Here are just a few of the journal entries folks have written this last year.

Angeles:   July 27 – We came here for our honeymoon and loved it beyond words could tell. After the wedding it is easy to get caught up on what needs to be done and what we need to buy for our new home. This cabin was a great reminder that we only need each other and some nature to be truly happy. (Erik and Grace)  August 3rd – For those checking in we suggest you spend some time down at the lake walking around an hour or so before dusk. The wildlife, otters, eagles are magnificent. (Christine and Jack)   September – Twenty-six years ago, my then boyfriend Robert and I backpacked through this rain forest, taking a needed break from out graduate studies. A week ago, my now husband, Robert and I dropped off our only child for her first quarter of college. Sigh. What better place to feel the excitement and the heartache than the ONP. (Pamela and Robert)

Christie: May 8 – 1st time at Lochaerie Resort and I feel so at home. We saw seals and whales at Kalaloch Beach #4, a hummingbird right outside the window, hiked Hoh Rain forest trails, Gatton Creek trail, and kayaked Lake Quinault. Ventured down the rocky road toward the Big Cedar tree only to find it partially knocked over, yet still impressive. (Brynne)  August 11 – All the things we love to see off the porch of Cabin Christie: 8 otters, 2 bald eagles, heron, mergansers, king fishers, cross bill, people enjoying being on the water. We could sit still and watch forever. (MerryJo and Doug)  October 16 – Here on our honeymoon – what a treat! The views are spectacular. Hiking in the rain forest, canoeing on the lake and evenings by the fire. Perfect stop for R & R on our PNW adventure! (The Campbells)

Col. Bob: June 4 – This trip was for Mom . . . 93 3/4 years young. Normally, Christie is the cabin of choice, but Colonel Bob DEFINITELY did not disappoint. The wonder of this lake captivated her . . . otters, geese, steller’s, hummers, balds, we got to see it all. (The Martins)  June 13 – We’ve been here for six days and let me tell you it’s been a blast. We’ve done everything around from kayaking to going to Beach 4. (Highly recommended) The view is amazing and watching everyone fall getting in and out of the kayak is a hoot! We saw a herd of elk going to Irely Lake. ( J.S.)  September 3 – So happy to have stumbled on this reservation – which was available due to a cancellation! I booked right away just to get back to the lake in the rain forest! Huzzah!!! The biggest cabin with the best kitchen and porch & VIEW!!! So MAGICAL. Feels like we’ve found our place! (Colleen & Scott)  September 15 – It took us – three of four of us, anyway – to figure out what the date is today. That’s how lost in time this tranquil forest and no wifi world leaves us. (Marlene, Tamara, Janette & Michael)

Ellinor: May 29 – My boyfriend and I came here looking for a relaxing spot to get away from the noise in the city and relax. Ellinor did not disappoint. I think this is the cutest cabin I’ve seen. So welcoming, it feels like home. Also, Michael is super excited to find out that Pearl Jam was in the exact cabin we find ourselves in today. (Courtney and Michael )  June 6 – It has been cool to read through these journals and get a sense of what this little cabin has been for people – a place to heal after the end of a relationship, a place where folks have gotten engaged, celebrated anniversaries, reconnected with family, with themselves, with nature. For me and Derek, even though we’ve only spent a few days here, this place has felt like our first home together. (Emily)  November 15 – A few weeks ago I asked my friend Katie for recommendations of places to stay when weather is iffy and she recommended the Lochaerie. We hiked the Homestead trail (by the Quinault Ranger Station). There we saw some huge salmon in the shallow stream. We watched for a long time. (Christy & Dave)

Olympus: June 23 – I don’t really have anything riveting to write, but here goes. While we were here, we hiked about and saw waterfalls and trees and an oddly dry cedar bog. We kayaked in the mornings, and my brother and I swam a bit in the lake. We’ve been having astonishingly dry weather, so the the rain forest has a sort of washed out feeling. Still beautiful though. I love the screened porch and we spent our evenings sitting out there playing cards. The lake is lovely, the cabin is cozy, and the light is good. Who knows, someday someone might read this. (Mindy)  September 24 – What a great spot to wind up a 12 day trip through western Washington State. Cabin Olympus gave us a wonderful jumping off place for stunning hikes in the mountains and equally stunning paddling on the lake. It also provided a quiet refuge for reading, relaxation, and reflection. Loved seeing the otter family, bald eagles, and the loons. And it was so cool to see the blood super moon rise over the mountains our last night!! (Stacy and Ruth Ann)

Storm King: September 24 – What a glorious week we have had at Storm King. So comfortable, warm, and charming. My favorite day was the day it rained and we stayed in. We enjoyed our drive up the coast past Kalaloch and Ruby Beach, enjoying our picnic lunch on a large driftwood tree trunk at Ruby Beach. We then drove up past Forks and on to Rialto  to see the sea stacks there. We also stopped by the Hoh Rain Forest and did a short hike which was beautiful, but we all felt that was just too much driving for one day. (Pam and Jim)  October 4 – We came here on our honeymoon. It was our first visit to this area. We could not be happier! The cabin is perfect, quaint, and romantic. The first day we hiked just about 6 miles between three different trails. I highly recommend Kestner Homestead trail. It’s surreal! Easy and so pretty. We then hiked to Irely Lake and had lunch, then went to Cascade Creek trail. We also kayaked and canoed each morning. We saw otters while kayaking. On the trail we saw bald eagle, banana slug, squirrels, snakes, waterfalls, and elk. I can’t say enough . . . it was the perfect honeymoon. We also went to Ruby Beach and Beach #4. A must see. (Lisa and Garrick)