Farewell Lochaerie!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve sold Lochaerie and will moving on to the next adventure for us! We’ve loved being able to live here and we’ve loved being able to meet and enjoy our wonderful guests. However, we’re really looking forward to being able to become someone else’s guests and travel more, hike more, and relax more! The Resort now belongs to Brooke and Derek Beals and their two children Evie and Greyson. We’re excited for them and know that they’ll be excited to meet you.

Some friends of ours and our daughter and son-in-law came to help us get things packed up and ready for the movers. We were so efficient that we were able to spend a lovely afternoon at the ocean. This trip was especially nice because it wasn’t raining and there was actually a touch of blue sky.

Thank you for so many wonderful years!

Chris and Tom Iversen