February 2019 – A Winter Wonderland!

Snow is something we don’t get a lot of around here. Between the lake and being only 30 miles from the ocean the snow we do get is rarely more than an inch or so and is usually gone within a day or two. Well, not this year! It started snowing on February 8th with a gentle 3 or so inches before it stopped. But then on the 10th it snowed all day and we ended up with about 7 inches of new snow. Even though it was just above freezing here, everything was covered with a blanket of white! The 11th was another day of snow, but this time we probably only had about and inch. It was hard to measure since the earlier snow was melting.  Today is Valentine’s Day and even though the roads are all clear, there is still lots of snow on the roofs and the lawn.

Oh what fun! One day we put our snowshoes in the back of the car, just in case, and drove up to Maple Glade and Kestner Homestead. We were the only ones there. Imagine that! I can’t think of anything more delightful than being out in a beautiful snowy rain forest trail and then coming back to a fire and a good book.