Home Improvements – The Never Ending Story!

This winter we’ve focused on Cabins Ellinor and Olympus for some major structural work and upgrading. Each are getting new posts and beams. In addition, Cabin Ellinor is also getting a new furnace, a new hearth, and additional outlets. As the person that supposedly gets the cabins ready for check ins, I was a bit taken aback to see that basically all of Ellinor’s floors had been removed to be able to do the structural and electrical work!

As for Cabin Olympus, besides the new post and beams, we’re completely redoing the screened porch and creating new stairs that lead down from the water side. Olympus also is getting a new heater in the main sitting area.

Cabin Christie has a new bedroom! Tom tore the bedroom down to the “studs”, put in insulation, and raised the ceiling. Richard and I have once again basically been painting everything in site! Richard calls all the painting here at Lochaerie “Job Security”.