Oh The Weather Outside . . . !!!

Wow! January 2020 has really started out with a bang! We had already had our first foot of rain here at Lochaerie by the 6th of January. And now today, on the 16th of January, we have 20.76 inches of rain for the month! Pretty amazing, but it didn’t prepare us for what came next. On Sunday evening the 12th we had about 2 inches of snow which makes everything look so beautiful around here. Tom and I walked to July Creek and to Kestner on Monday just to enjoy the beauty. But then Tuesday, oh my! It snowed on and off all day but really went crazy that evening. We ended up with about 8 1/2 inches of snow. The saving grace was that it always warmed up above freezing during the day, so we could still get around. Then on Wednesday, more snow and a huge windstorm! We lost power around 2:00 in the afternoon and, because of the wind, the section on 101 known as the Olympic Forest Natural Area was closed in both directions due to fallen trees. Needless to say, numerous trees fell across the North Shore Road that they only got cleared this morning. Power was restored at about 11:00AM. Once again, we’re thankful that Lochaerie dodged the bullet and except for a LOT of branches and debris, no major damage. The forecast for the rest of the month looks more like what we’d expect in January – a wintery mix, but not crazy amounts of rain or snow.