September / October 2018

This September and October have been truly  lovely months! We got more than 9 inches of rain the first two weeks in September and then everything turned into my favorite kind of fall weather – cool and crisp in the mornings and sunny and warm in the afternoons. This was the perfect time of year to have friends and relatives visit us and we took full advantage and hiked many of the trails around the lake.  Irely Lake, Wolf Bar, as well as the Gatton Creek trail on the south shore were some of our favorites.  We’ve also spent a fair amount of time searching for edible mushrooms as well as some that are definitely not edible, but beautiful in their own right. Tom and I  spent a couple of days on the northern part of the peninsula and were able to hike some of the Hurricane Ridge trails which only made us want to get there again and hike some of the longer trails! Now it’s the end of October and we get to sit by a cozy fire while the rain comes down and little Walter tries to convince us she can’t possibly go outside in this downpour!