Summer /Fall 2019

Well, we’ve had a busy and fun summer and fall! Most of you know that we have Lochaerie on the market because Tom and I have become septuagenarians over this last year. It’s time for us to do what you do when you’re here and stay in our bathrobes until 8:00. However, we had some unfinished projects that we felt like we needed to complete. We set a goal for the end of June which would give us time this summer to enjoy Lochaerie and all that this part of the peninsula has to offer. The biggest project was Tom finishing all the stairs to the cabins with the help of Jeanette who put down the nonskid strips (Not to forget the supervising cat, little Walter). We’ve had lots of friends and family visiting us which has given us the opportunity (excuse) to do a little more hiking and beach combing!

While we were gone to Vail for one of our nephew’s wedding at the beginning of October, at least one black bear moved in and took full advantage of our apple trees! They knocked two trees down and attempted to completely dismember the tree down by Cabin Storm King! Tom was able to prop up two of the trees and the area down by Storm King now feels much more open and bright!

And now here we are in the middle of October! The weather in October turns on a dime. One day it’s gorgeous and then – suddenly all heck breaks loose! After having an unusually dry summer, about a week ago the rains began. On Monday the 21st of October we had 5 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Needless to say, the boating season is over. We coerced some of our friends who were visiting from Seattle to go to Beach 3 with us on Monday. We all got absolutely soaked, but what an adventure! Winter beaches and the waves are truly a wonderful combination!