Lake Quinault Cabins History

Lochaerie Resort was originally built in 1926 by Phil and Annetta Locke of Aberdeen as a boarding house and cabins. The resort was purchased in the mid 1940s by Bill and Irene O’Conner, from Chicago, who raised a family and operated the resort as O’Conner’s Lochaerie. In 1981 Bill and Irene convinced Chris and Tom Iversen of Seattle to purchase the old resort. Then began years of cleanup, basic repairs, and upgrades while they lived and worked in Seattle. In 2009 they decided to retire and move to Lochaerie permanently to operate and continue major upgrades to the vintage resort. In January 2020, Tom and Chris decided to embrace retirement fully and sold Lochaerie to Brooke and Derek Beals.

Lochaerie's Lake Quinault Cabins were built during the depression years when thrift and economy were keynotes. Much of the lumber used came from mill ends. To this day, guests can see numerous windows and doors of unrelated sizes because they were inexpensive leftovers. River rock was used to build fireplaces because the rocks were much closer and cheaper than bricks.

Lochaerie's Lake Quinault Cabins represent the passage of time. From the beginning, the furnishings have kept the flavor of pioneers and settlers, of World War I and the breezy 1920’s. Today’s older guest, who may have been here long ago, smiles in memory. The younger ones take pleasure in savoring the past.

"Dreaming about cabins, about woods and wood smoke, and fresh fragrant pine air, seclusion and a simple uncluttered existence."

- From our Guestbook